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P P Specialty Chemicals

Acid-Fast Staining Kit.(Ziehl-Neelsen Method)(AFS)

Capsule Stain Kit (Hiss Method)

p-Cresol, C.P.
p-Dimethylamino Benzylidine Rhodanine, A.R.
p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde, A.R. (Ehrlich's Reagent)
p-Hydroxybenzoic acid , C.P.

Leishman for Parasites Kit

Palmitic Acid, C.P.
PAN (1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-napthol)
PAN, 0.1% Alcoholic soln
Pantothenic Acid Calcium Salts see Calcium-D-Pantothenate
parasites and trypanosomes:-

Papanicolaou Staining Kit

Paracetamol, B.P.
Paradichlorobenzene, C.P.
Paraffin Liquid, Light, C.P.
Paraffin Wax, 58-60°C , C.P.
Paraformaldehyde, C.P.
Paraldehyde, C.P.
Pectin, pure.
Peppermint liquid. C.P.
Pepsin, 1~3,000 units, "Biochem".
Peptone, Bacteriology.
Perchloric Acid, 70%, A.R.
Perchloroethylene, A.R.
Periodic Acid, 0.5% w/v soln. "READIL"
Periodic Acid, A.R.

Periodic Acid Schiff's Kit (PAS)

Periodic acid, 0.5% aqueoues soln.----500ml.
Petroleum Crude. Synthetic
Petroleum Ether, 100-120 o C , A.R.
Petroleum Ether, 40-60 o C , A.R.
Petroleum Ether, 60-80 o C , A.R.
Petroleum Jelly, white , C.P.
Petroleum Spirit see Petroleum Ether
pH paper 1-14.(pack of 10 Booklets of 20 leeflets)
pH paper 1-14.(pack of 100 strips)
Phenazine Metol Sulfate, C.P.
Phenol Reagent see Folin & Ciocateu's Phenol Reagent
Phenol Red, sodium salt (water soluble)
Phenol Tetrabromophthalein 3'-3'-di-sulfonic Acid Disodium Salts see Bromosulphalein
Phenol, crystal, C.P.
Phenol, liquidfied, 99% , C.P.
Phenolphthalein, 0.1% Alcoholic
Phenolphthalein, 1% Alcoholic
Phenolphthalein, A.R.
Phenyl Hydrazine HCl, C.P.
Phenyl Hydrazine, C.P.
Phenyl Mercaptan see Thiophenol
Phenyl Mercuric Acetate, C.P.
Phenyl Mercuric Nitrate (Basic), C.P.
Phenylammonium chloride see Aniline hydrochloride.
Phloroglucinol, A.R.
Phloxin B .(Eosin Blue)
Phosphate Citrate Buffer, pH 4.0 "READIL"
Phosphate Reagent No:- 1
Phosphate Reagent No:- 2
Phosphate Standard Soln. "READIL"(0.4mgP 2O5 /ml)
Phosphate-Molybdate Solution see Folin & Wu's Phosphate-Molybdate Solution
Phosphomolybdic Acid see Dodeca-Molybdophosphoric Acid
Phosphorous Oxychloride, C.P.
Phosphorous Trichloride, C.P.
Phosphotungstic Acid see Dodeca-Tungstophosphoric Acid
Phthalic acid, C.P.
Phthalic anhydride, C.P.
Picric Acid, A.R.
Piperazine (anhydrous), C.P.
Piperazine-N,N' Bis-2-Ethenesulfonic Acid see PIPES
Piperidine, C.P.
Plaster of Paris see Calcium Sulfate
Polyacrylamide. C.P.
Polyaluminium chloride, C.P.
Polyethylene Glycol 1000, C.P.
Polyethylene Glycol 300, C.P.
Polyethylene Glycol 400, C.P.
Polyethylene Glycol 4000, C.P.
Polyethylene Glycol 600, C.P.
Polyethylene Glycol 8000, C.P.
Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Ether see Brij 35
Polyoxyethylene(20) Sorbitan mono-laurate see Tween 20
Polyoxyethylene(20) Sorbitan mono-oleate see Tween 80
Polyoxyethylene(20) Sorbitan mono-palmitate see Tween 40
Polyoxyethylene(20) Sorbitan mono-stearate see Tween 60
Polyvinyl Alcohol, Hydrolysed C.P.
Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP), C.P.
Ponceau 4R, “Electroporesis”.
Ponceau S, C.I. 27195, “Electroporesis”.
Potassium Acetate, A.R.
Potassium Alum see Aluminium Potassium Sulfate
Potassium Antimonate see Potassium Pyroantimonate
Potassium Antimony (III) Oxide Tartrate see Potassium Antimonyl Tartrate
Potassium Antimonyl Tartrate see Antimonyl Potassium Tartrate
Potassium Bicarbonate see Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate
Potassium Bisulfate see Potassium Hydrogen Sulfate
Potassium Bisulfite see Potassium Metabisulfite
Potassium Bitartrate see Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate
Potassium Bromate, A.R.
Potassium Bromide, A.R.
Potassium Carbonate, anhydrous, A.R.
Potassium Chlorate, A.R.
Potassium Chloride, 1.0 mol/l, "READIL".
Potassium Chloride, 3.00 mol/l, "READIL".
Potassium Chloride, 3.30 mol/l, "READIL".
Potassium Chloride, A.R/ACS.
Potassium Chloride, A.R/ACS.
Potassium Chloride, for pH electrode, "READIL".
Potassium Chromate, 0.1 mol/l. "READIL"
Potassium Chromate, A.R/ACS.
Potassium Cyanide, C.P.
Potassium Dichromate, 5% w/v soln. "READIL"
Potassium Dichromate, A.R./ACS.
Potassium Dichromate, C.P.
Potassium Dichromate, C.P.
Potassium Dihromate, 0.1 mol/l. "READIL"
Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate, anhydrous, C.P.
Potassium Ferricyanide, A.R.
Potassium Ferrocyanide, A.R./ACS.
Potassium Fluoride, 2-Hydrate A.R.
Potassium Hexacyanoferrate (II) see Potassium Ferrocyanide
Potassium Hexacyanoferrate (III) see Potassium Ferricyanide
Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate, C.P.
Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate, A.R./ACS.
Potassium Hydrogen Sulfate, A.R.
Potassium Hydrogen Sulfate, C.P.
Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate, A.R.
Potassium Hydroxide, Pellets , A.R.
Potassium Hydroxide-Creatine. "READIL"
Potassium Iodate, A.R.
Potassium Iodide, 10% Aqueoues soln. "READIL"
Potassium Iodide, A.R./ACS.
Potassium Iodobismuthate see Dragendroff's Reagent.
Potassium Metabisulfite, C.P.
Potassium Nitrate, A.R./ACS.
Potassium Permanganate, C.P.
Potassium Peroxysulfate see Potassium Persulfate
Potassium Persulfate, A.R.
Potassium Phosphate dibasic see di-Potassium hydrogen Phosphate
Potassium Phosphate monobasic see Potassium dihydrogen Phosphate
Potassium Sodium Tartrate, 4-Hydrate, A.R./ACS.
Potassium Sorbate, C.P.
Potassium Sulfate, A.R.
Potassium sulfocyanide see Potassium Thiocyanade
Potassium Thiocyanate, 10% w/v soln. "READIL"
Potassium Thiocyanate, C.P.
Povidone Iodine. C.P.
p-Phenylenediamine, C.P.
Propan-1-ol see 1-Propanol
Propan-2-ol see 2-Propanol
Propanal see Propionaldehyde.
Propane-1,2-Diol see Propylene Glycol
Propionic Acid, C.P.
Propioninaldehyde, C.P. (Propanal)
Propionyl chloride, 98%
Propyl Gallate, C.P.
Propylene Carbonate, C.P .
p-Rosolic Acid, C.I. 43800
Pyridine, A.R./ACS.
Pyridoxyl Hydrochloride, "Biochem".
Pyrogallol Red A.R.
Pyrogallol, C.P.

Spore Stain Kit.(Writz-Conklin Method)

p-Toluidine, C.P.

Ziehl-Neelsen Kit

Alcian Blue Staining Kit

Alizarin Red S Staining Kit for Calcium

Catalyst Digestion powder.(KSO 4 + CuSO 4 )

Esbach's Reagent

Gram Staining Kit

H & E Staining Kit

Masson's Trichrome Staining Kit

Phosphotungstic/molybdic acid 1% solution (500ml)
Picric alcohol. "READIL" (500ml)
Ponceau-acid-fuchsin. (500ml)

Masson's Trichrome Special Staining Kit

Phosphotungstic/molybdic acid solution :-100ml

Mucicarmine (Mayer)

Oil Red Staining Kit

Polyvinyl Lactophenol

Southgate's Mucicarmine Staining Kit

Von Kossa Staining Kit for Calcium

Verhoeff's Van Gieson Elastic Staining Kit

Sodium Hexametaphosphate, C.P.
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