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B B Specialty Chemicals

Acid-Fast Staining Kit.(Ziehl-Neelsen Method)(AFS)

Baritt's Reagent, A. "READIL"
Baritt's Reagent, B. "READIL"
Barium Acetate, A.R.
Barium Carbonate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Carbonate, C.P .
Barium Chloride, 2-Hydrate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Diphenylamine Sulfonate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Hydroxide, 8-Hydrate , A.R.
Barium Hydroxide, 8-Hydrate , C.P.
Barium Nitrate, A.R.
Barium Peroxide, C.P.
Barium Sulfate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Sulfate, C.P.
Basic Fuchsin see Fuchsin Basic
Beef Extract powder, "Bacto"
Bentonite, C.P. (Aluminium Silicate hydrate)
Benzaldehyde, C.P.
Benzalkonium Chloride, 50% solution, C.P.
Benzamide, C.P.
Benzene, A.R.
Benzidine dihydrochloride, A.R./ACS.
Benzil, C.P.
Benzilic acid, C.P.
Benzoic acid ammonium salt see Ammonium Benzoate
Benzoic Acid, A.R.
Benzonitrile, C.P.
Benzophenone, C.P.
Benzoyl Chloride, C.P.
Benzyl Alcohol, A.R.
Benzylamine, C.P.
Bile salt, "Bacto".
Bilirubin, A.R.
Bismark Brown Y , C.I.21000
Bismuth Carbonate, Basic, C.P.
Bismuth Chloride, C.P.
Bismuth Nitrate, 5-Hydrate, A.R.
Bismuth Oxide, C.P.
Boiling Chips, 1.5-9mm, C.P.
Borax see di-Sodium Tetraborate
Boric Acid, A.R/ACS.
Boron Trifluoride Ethyl Ether Complex, C.P.
Bouchardat Reagent. "READIL".(For Alkaloids)
Bovine Albumin Fraction V .
Brady's Reagent see 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine
Brewer's yeast. C.P.
Brij 35, (main component), C.P.
Brilliant Blue FCF see Erioglaucine A
Brilliant Blue R see Coomassie Brilliant Blue R 250
Brilliant Cresyl Blue, 0.3% Alcoholic soln
Brilliant Cresyl Blue, C.I.51010
Brilliant Green, C.I. 42040
Bromine, C.P.
Bromobenzene, A.R.
Bromocresol Green
Bromocresol Green, water soluble
Bromocresol Purple, Indicator
Bromoethane, C.P. (Ethyl Bromide)
Bromophenol Blue
Bromothymol Blue , Indicator
Buffer Neutral Formalin, 10%. "READIL"
Buffer Neutral Formalin, 10%. "READIL"
Butanone see Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Butoxyethanol, C.P. (Ethylene Glycol monobutyl Ether)
Butyl Methacrylate, C.P.
Butylated Hydroxyanisole, C.P. (BHA)
Butylated Hydroxytoluene, C.P. (BHT)
Butyraldehyde, C.P. (Butanal)

Capsule Stain Kit (Hiss Method)

Leishman for Parasites Kit

Papanicolaou Staining Kit

b. Hydrochloric Acid , 0.03mol/l, ,”READIL”. (500ml)

Periodic Acid Schiff's Kit (PAS)

Spore Stain Kit.(Writz-Conklin Method)

b) Ferric chloride 10% Soln.--250ml.

Ziehl-Neelsen Kit

Alcian Blue Staining Kit

Alizarin Red S Staining Kit for Calcium

Barium Chloride,for sulphate, "READIL".

Catalyst Digestion powder.(KSO 4 + CuSO 4 )

Esbach's Reagent

Gram Staining Kit

H & E Staining Kit

Masson's Trichrome Staining Kit

Masson's Trichrome Special Staining Kit

b), Ferric chloride 29% soln. :---125ml
Biebrich Scarlet-acid-fuchsin.:-250ml
Bouin's Soln.:--250ml

Mucicarmine (Mayer)

Oil Red Staining Kit

Southgate's Mucicarmine Staining Kit

Von Kossa Staining Kit for Calcium

b), Silver Nitrate, 1% w/v soln. "READIL"- --500ml

Verhoeff's Van Gieson Elastic Staining Kit

Sodium Hexametaphosphate, C.P.
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