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D D Reagents

D (+) Galactose, “Biochem”.
D(-)-Ribose, "Biochem".
D(+)Biotin, (Vit.H), “Biochem”.
D(+)Mannose, "Biochem".
D(+)Melibiose, "Bacto".
d) Van Gieson Stain.--250ml.
d. Papanicolaou OG6 (500ml)
D.P.X mountant, “Biochem”.
Dacie's Fliud. "READIL"
D-Arginine , monoHCl, “Biochem”.
D-Arginine, free acid , “Biochem”.
D-Asparagine 1-Hydrate, “Biochem”.
D-Aspartic acid, “Biochem”.
Decahydronaphthalene see Decalin
Decalin, C.P.
Decanesulfonic Acid sodium salt, A.R .
Decanoic acid see Capric acid
Deficient in Calcium
Deficient in Iron
Deficient in Magnesium
Deficient in Nitrate
Deficient in Phosphate
Deficient in Potassium
Destain Solution for SDS-PAGE . "READIL"
Devarda's Alloy, powder, LAB.
Dextrin, white , C.P.
Dextrose see Glucose
D-Fructose, C.P.
D-Glucose, anhydrous , C.P.
D-Glucose, monohydrate , C.P.
D-Glutamic Acid, “Biochem”.
D-Histidine, free acid , “Biochem”.
Diacetone Alcohol, C.P.
Diacetyl , C.P. (2,3-Butanedione)
Diacetyl monoxime , A.R. (2,3-Butanedione monoxime)
di-Ammonium Hydrogen Citrate, A.R.
di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate, A.R.
Di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate, A.R.
Diatase, from Fungal (Amylase act. 1:2000) “Biochem”.
Diatomaceous Earth (Filtering Aid).
Diazo Reagent A , (for Bilirubin Determination)
Diazo Reagent B , (for Bilirubin Determination)
Dibenzoyl Methane, C.P.
di-Boron Trioxide, A.R. (Boric Oxide)
Dibutyl Maleate, C.P.
Dibutyl phthalate, C.P.
Dibutylamine, Extra Pure
Dibutyltin Oxide , C.P.
di-Calcium Phosphate see Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate
Dichlorodimethylsilane, 99%.
Dichloromethane, A.R. (Methylene Chloride)
Dichloromethane, HPLC. (Methylene Chloride)
Dicumyl Peroxide, C.P.
Dicyadiamide , pure.
Dicyclohexylamine , C.P.
Dicyclohexylcarbodimide C.P.
Diethanolamine, C.P.
Diethyl Ammonium-N,N-Diethyldithiocabamate
Diethyl Carbonate, C.P.
Diethyl Ether , A.R.
Diethyl Ketone, C.P. (3-Pentanone)
Diethyl Malonate, C.P.
Diethyl Oxalate, C.P.
Diethyl Phthalate, C.P.
Diethyl Sulfate, C.P.
Diethylamine , C.P.
Diethylamine Hydrochloride, C.P.
Diethylene glycol Dimethyl Ether, G.R.
Diethylene glycol Monobutyl Ether, C.P.
Diethylene glycol Monoethyl Ether, C.P.
Diethylene glycol Monomethyl Ether, C.P.
Diethylene glycol, C.P.
Diethylene Triamine penta Acetic Acid, C.P.
Diethylene Triamine, C.P.
Digitonin, A.R.
Diglycine see Glycylglycine
Diglyme see Dimethyl Glycol
Digol see Diethylene Glycol
Di-Iodomethane,( For seperation of Minerals)
Di-isobutyl ketone, A.R.
Diisopropyl ether, A.R. (Iso propyl ether)
Diisopropylamine, C.P.
di-Lithium Tetraborate, A.R. (X-ray Fluorescence)
Dimedone, A.R.
Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, C.P.
Dimethyl Carbonate, C.P.
Dimethyl Glutarate, 98%.
Dimethyl Phthalate, C.P.
Dimethyl POPOP, Scintilation.
Dimethyl Sulfate, C.P.
Dimethyl Yellow
Dimethylacetamide, A.R.
Dimethylamine, 40% solution.
Dimethylbenzene see Xylene
Dimethyldichlorosilane see Dichlorodimethylsilane
Dimethyldigol, C.P.
Dimethylgloxime, A.R.
Dimethylgloxime, for Nickel, “READIL”.
Dimethylsulfoxide, A.R. (DMSO)
Dimethylsulfoxide, d6, 99.5%
Dimidium Bromide, A.R.
Di-n-butylamine , C.P.
Dioctyl phthalate, C.P.
Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate, 70% soln . C.P. (Wetting Agent)
Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate, C.P.
Diphenyl Carbonate, C.P .
Diphenyl ether, C.P.
Diphenyl Thiocarbazone see Dithizone
Diphenylamine Indicator , 0.3% Aqueous Soln.
Diphenylamine, A.R.
Diphenylamine-4-Sulfonic acid Barium salt see Barium Diphenylamine Sulfonate
Diphenylamine-4-Sulfonic acid sodium salt, A.R. see Sodium Diphenylamine Sulfonate
Diphenyloxazole(PPO), Scint.
Diphenyloxide see Diphenyl Ether
Diphosphoric Acid see Pyrophosphoric Acid
Dipicrylamine, A.R.
di-Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate, A.R.
di-Potassium Oxalate, 1-Hydrate, A.R.
di-Potassium Tartrate, 0.5-Hydrate, C.P.
di-Sodium Hydrogen Arsenate see Sodium Arsenate
di-Sodium Hydrogen Citrate, anhydrous, C.P.
di-Sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate, 12-Hydrate, A.R.
di-Sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate, 2-Hydrate, A.R.
di-Sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate, anhydrous, C.P.
Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous see Sodium Phosphate monbasic anhydrous
Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate dibasic 12-water see Sodium Phosphate dibasic 12-water
Disodium Oxalate see Sodium Oxalate
di-Sodium Oxalate, A.R. (Sodium Ethanedionate)
di-Sodium Phenyl Phosphate, C.P. (Suitable for detection of PhosphateR in& MMilk)
Disodium Succinate hexahydrate see Sodium Succinate hexahydrate
di-Sodium Tartrate dihydrate see Sodium Tartrate dihydrate
di-Sodium Tetraborate, 10-Hydrate, A.R. (Borax)
Distilled water, A.R.
Dithioerythritol, A.R. (D.T.E.) (Cleland's Reagent)
Dithiol, A.R.
Dithiooxamide, A.R.
Dithiothreitol, A.R. (D.T.T.) (Cleland's Reagent)
Dithizone, A.R.
DL-Alanine, “Biochem”.
DL-Camphor, G.R.
DL-DOPA see 3-(3,4-Dihydoxy Phenyl)-DL-Alanine
D-Leucine, “Biochem”.
D-Limonene, C.P.
DL-Malic Acid, C.P.
DL-Mandelic Acid, C.P. (Hydroxyphenylacetic acid)
DL-Phenylalanine, “Biochem”.
DL-Tartaric Acid, C.P.
DL-Tartaric Acid, Extra Pure
D-Lysine HCl , “Biochem”.
DMAC see N,N-Dimethyl Acetamide
D-Mannitol, “Biochem”.
D-Methionine, “Biochem”.
DMF see N,N-Dimethyl Formamide
DMP see Dimethyl Sulfoxide
DMSO see Dimethylsulfoxide
Docusate sodium salt see Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate
Dodeca-molybdophosphoric Acid, A.R.
Dodeca-Molybdophosphoric Acid, A.R.
Dodecane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt, A.R .
Dodecanoic Acid see Lauric Acid
Dodeca-tungstophosporic Acid, A.R.
Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt, C.P.
Dodecyl Benzene, C.P.
Dodecyl Sulfate sodium salts see Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
D-Ornithine HCl , “Biochem”.
Dotite-N,N Diluted with K
DPPH. 95% (2,2-Diphenyl-1-picryhydrazyl)
D-Proline, “Biochem”.
Drabkin's Solution, "READIL".
Dragendroff's Reagent. "READIL" (For Alkaloids)
Drierite see Calcium Sulfate dihydrate
D-Serine, “Biochem”.
D-Sorbitol, Extra Pure
D-Tryptophan, “Biochem”.
D-Tyrosine, “Biochem”.
Dulcitol, “Biochem”.
Dutch Metal, LAB.
D-Valine, “Biochem”.
D-Xylose, " Chrom".
Dysprosium Oxide, A.R.
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