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B B Reagents

b) Ferric chloride 10% Soln.--250ml.
b), Ferric chloride 29% soln. :---125ml
b), Silver Nitrate, 1% w/v soln. "READIL"- --500ml
b. Ferric chloride 29% w/v soln.:--125ml
b. Hydrochloric Acid , 0.03mol/l, ,”READIL”. (500ml)
b. Potassium Hydroxide, 40% (W/V), "READIL".
Bakelite, C.P.
Barfoed's Reagent, “READIL”.
Baritt's Reagent, A. "READIL"
Baritt's Reagent, B. "READIL"
Barium Acetate, A.R.
Barium Bromide, C.P.
Barium Carbonate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Carbonate, C.P .
Barium Chloranilate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Chloride, 10% w/v soln, “READIL”.
Barium Chloride, 2-Hydrate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Chloride,for sulphate, “READIL”.
Barium Chromate, A.R .
Barium Diphenylamine Sulfonate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Hydroxide, 8-Hydrate , A.R.
Barium Hydroxide, 8-Hydrate , C.P.
Barium Nitrate, A.R.
Barium Oxide, C.P.
Barium Perchlorate, C.P.
Barium Peroxide, C.P.
Barium Stearate, C.P.
Barium Sulfate, A.R./ACS.
Barium Sulfate, C.P.
Barium, AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l
Basic Fuchsin see Fuchsin Basic
Bathocuproine, A.R.
Bathocuproinedisulfonic acid disodium salt, A.R.
Bathophenanthroline Disulfonic Acid Disodium Salt, A.R.
Bathpheanthroline, A.R.
Bee Wax (white), C.P.
Beef Extract powder, "Bacto"
Benedict's Reagent, for Glucose deter, “READIL”.(quanlitative)
Benedict's Reagent, for Glucose deter, “READIL”.(quantitative)
Benedict's Solutions, Indicator Solution
Bentonite, C.P. (Aluminium Silicate hydrate)
Benzaldehyde, C.P.
Benzalkonium Chloride, 50% solution, C.P.
Benzamide, C.P.
Benzanilide, C.P.
Benzene, A.R.
Benzene, D6, D-99.5%.
Benzidine dihydrochloride, A.R./ACS.
Benzil, C.P.
Benzilic acid, C.P.
Benzimidazole, C.P.
Benzoic acid ammonium salt see Ammonium Benzoate
Benzoic Acid, A.R.
Benzoin, Extra Pure
Benzonitrile, C.P.
Benzophenone, C.P.
Benzotrichloride, C.P.
Benzoyl Chloride, C.P.
Benzoyl Peroxide, (moistened with 25% water), C.P.
Benzyl Acetate .99+%
Benzyl Alcohol, A.R.
Benzyl Benzoate, C.P.
Benzyl Chloride, C.P.
Benzyl Cyanide, C.P.
Benzyl Tributylammonium Chloride, C.P.
Benzyl Triethylammonium Chloride, C.P.
Benzyl Trimethylammonium Chloride, C.P.
Benzyl Trimethylammonium Hydroxide see Triton B
Benzylamine, C.P.
Berryllium Sulfate, 4-Hydrate, C.P.
BHA see Butylated Hydroxy Anisole
BHT see Butylated Hydroxy Toluene
Bial Reagent, “READIL”.
Bicarbonate, Indicator solution, “READIL”.
Bicine, Biological Buffer.
Biebrich Scarlet
Biebrich Scarlet-acid-fuchsin.:-250ml
Bile salt, "Bacto".
Bilirubin, A.R.
Biphenyl, C.P.
Bis (tributyl tin) Oxide see Tributyltin Oxide
Bis(2-Ethylhexyl Phthalate) see Dioctyl Phthalate
Bismark Brown R , C.I.21010
Bismark Brown Y , C.I.21000
Bismuth Carbonate, Basic, C.P.
Bismuth Chloride, C.P.
Bismuth metal granular, 99.5%.
Bismuth Nitrate, 5-Hydrate, A.R.
Bismuth Oxide, C.P.
Bismuth Subnitrate, A.R.
Bismuth Sulfate, C.P.
Bismuth Trioxide, Extra Pure
Bismuth(III) Nitrate, pentahydrate, Extra Pure
Bismuth, AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l
Bisphenol A, C.P.
Biuret's Reagent, Protein Det, “READIL”.
Blocking Buffer. "READIL"
Blue tetrazolium
b-Naphthol violet, A.R.
Boiling Chips, 1.5-9mm, C.P.
Boiling Stone,C.P.
Borate Buffer, pH 9.5 for Nitrogen, “READIL”.
Borax see di-Sodium Tetraborate
Borax solution----100ml
Borax-Carmine, “Biochem”.
Boric Acid, 2% (W/V), “READIL”. (For Nitrogen Ammonia)
Boric Acid, 5% W/V. ASTM:136, “READIL”.
Boric Acid, A.R/ACS.
Boric Anhydride see Boron Trioxide
Boron Carbide, Lab. (90 mesh)
Boron Nitride, Lab
Boron Trifluoride Ethyl Ether Complex, C.P.
Boron Trioxide, C.P.
Boron, AAS standard soln. 1000mg/l
Bouchardat Reagent. "READIL".(For Alkaloids)
Bouin Fluid.(Histopathology Fixative). "READIL"
Bouin's Soln.:--250ml
Bovine Albumin Fraction V .
Bradford's Reagent.
Brady's Reagent see 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine
Brain Heart Infusion, for Microbilogy.
Brewer's yeast. C.P.
Brij 35, (main component), C.P.
Brilliant Blue FCF see Erioglaucine A
Brilliant Blue R see Coomassie Brilliant Blue R 250
Brilliant Cresyl Blue, 0.3% Alcoholic soln
Brilliant Cresyl Blue, C.I.51010
Brilliant Green, C.I. 42040
Brilliant Yellow, C.I. 24890
Bromine , 0.05mol/I ,(0.1N)
Bromine water 3%, C.P.
Bromine, C.P.
Bromo xylenol Blue
Bromoacetic Acid, C.P.
Bromobenzene, A.R.
Bromochlorophenol Blue FA
Bromocresol Green
Bromocresol Green mixed Methyl Red, 0.1% Alcoholic
Bromocresol Green, 0.04% Aq. Soln
Bromocresol Green, 0.1% Alcoholic
Bromocresol Green, water soluble
Bromocresol Purple, 0.04% Aq. Soln
Bromocresol Purple, 0.1% Alcoholic
Bromocresol Purple, Indicator
Bromocyclopentane, 98%
Bromoethane, C.P. (Ethyl Bromide)
Bromoform, C.P.
Bromophenol Blue
Bromophenol Blue, 0.04% Solution
Bromophenol Blue, 0.1% Alcoholic
Bromophenol Red.
Bromopyrogallol Red
Bromosulphalein, C.P.
Bromothymol Blue , Indicator
Bromothymol Blue, 0.04% Solution
Bromothymol Blue, 0.1% Alcoholic
Brucine, G.R.
Buffer Neutral Formalin, 10%. "READIL"
Buffer Neutral Formalin, 10%. "READIL"
Buffer Solution, pH 1, “READIL”.(Glycine)
Buffer Solution, pH 10, “READIL”. (Borate)
Buffer Solution, pH 10, “READIL”. Colour Code: BLUE
Buffer Solution, pH 11, “READIL”. (Borate)
Buffer Solution, pH 12, “READIL”. (Borate)
Buffer Solution, pH 13, “READIL”.
Buffer Solution, pH 2, “READIL”.
Buffer Solution, pH 3, “READIL”. (Phthalate)
Buffer Solution, pH 4, “READIL”. (Phthalate)
Buffer Solution, pH 4, “READIL”. Colour Code: RED
Buffer Solution, pH 5, “READIL”. (Phthalate)
Buffer Solution, pH 6, “READIL”. (Phosphate)
Buffer Solution, pH 7, “READIL”. (Phosphate)
Buffer Solution, pH 7, “READIL”. Colour Code: YELLOW
Buffer Solution, pH 8, “READIL”. (Phosphate)
Buffer Solution, pH 9, “READIL”. (Borate)
Buffer Tablets, pH 4. (1 tabletdissolved in 100ml distilled water)
Buffer Tablets, pH 7. (1 tabletdissolved in 100ml distilled water)
Buffer Tablets, pH 9.2. (1 tabletdissolved in 100ml distilled water)
Buffered Oxide Etchant 10:1
Buffered Oxide Etchant 6:1
Butanal see Butyraldehyde.
Butanone see Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Butoxyethanol, C.P. (Ethylene Glycol monobutyl Ether)
Butyl Acrylate monomer, C.P.
Butyl Carbitol
Butyl Carbitol Acetate
Butyl Cellosolve see 2-Butoxyethanol
Butyl Methacrylate, C.P.
Butyl Paraben, Extra Pure
Butyl Phthalate see Dibutyl Phthalate
Butyl Stearate, C.P.
Butylated Hydroxyanisole, C.P. (BHA)
Butylated Hydroxytoluene, C.P. (BHT)
Butyraldehyde, C.P. (Butanal)
Butyric Acid, Extra Pure
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