October 2009  
  ISO Certification  
  We are proud to announce our achievement of registration as an ISO Certified Manufacturer.

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(A Company Limited By Guarantee)

GOUDEN was established in year 1996 namely by INFOCHEM and was change it to GOUDEN in year 2006 due to diversifier various business insteed of chemicals only.

Now, the principle activities of the company are Distributors, Trading namely Solvent, Food Additives, Blending Thinner, Dilution of Caustic, acid and Watertreatment Chemicals, Parcialtly, we also involve in Organic Insecticide, Plastic Machinery, Packaging and Electronic material and parts and etcs.

GOUDEN has over the year, built an extensive market network and is rapidly becoming one of the Largest Solvent Blending and distribution in Perak State throughout of Malaysia. Currently we do export our chemical to Singapore, Pakistan, India, Thailand and others country.

      Company Quality Policy

GOUDEN strongly believes in Fast, Effectiveness and Best in Service Assurance Quality of our products and service starts with understanding the requirement of our customers, defining them, meeting or exceeding these requirements.

Presently, we are on going for the Certified Quality ISO 9001:2000 and will complete by year 2009.

      Our Commitment To

GOUDEN are willing to compliance for statutory and regulatory requirement. Implementing an effective quality management system. Cost saving purchase for continual improvement within the organization. Developing and entrusting competent personnel to realize our quality objectives. Product stock in maximum capacity of volume for preventing shortage cases.

Best material - Stainless Steel Tank packing supply for Cost saving. Safety use, easy to apply with "No Deposit" request.


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